Can't install 410.66 driver for NVS 5400M


i have a Lenovo T530 with NVS 5400M GPU and Fedora 29 64 bit OS. I try to install the 410.66 driver, but i got the the following message.

“The NVIDIA NVS 5400M GPU installed in this system is supported through the NVIDIA 390.xx legacy Linux graphics drivers. Please visit for more information. The 410.66 NVIDIA Linux graphics driver will ignore this GPU.”

That’s confusing, the NVS 5400M GPU is showing on the compatibility list for this driver.

So what is wrong, the installer or the compatibility list?

Thanks for your help!!

nvidia-installer.log (1.83 KB)

NVS 5400M is a Fermi based chip and it’s not supported by the current drivers.

The message you’re getting is correct. Please install legacy drivers.

Looks like Nvidia still didn’t clean up their list of supported products:
is plain wrong. The driver’s README tells the correct story:

All right, thank you @birdie and @generix for clarification!