Process to install GeForce Go 7600 Driver on Ubuntu 20.04

Hello, is there a process to install GeForce Go 7600 Driver on Ubuntu 20.04?
I have tried installing the nvidia-driver-460 however I could never run successfully the nvidia-smi or nvidia-settings. It was complaining about not being able to communicate with NVidia driver.
Looking at the Nvidia drivers download for 7600 I saw that the last update was 304.137.
After downloading it and running it “sudo ./” it asks if I want to register the kernel module source with DKMS. I tried both Yes/No eventually resulting in the same failed install.
Does anyone know of a successful way to achieve this install?
Thanks in advance.

Install and intergration guide.

Or use 16.04 or stick with the for the graphics ppa Driver

Or use the nouveau driver.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers

at least its still under development

The 304 driver is out of support for 3 years now, it only has support for Xorg 1.19 and only compiles on old kernels. Won’t work with 20.04.
Please use the nouveau driver.