Driver Install w/Secure Boot enabled

Trying to install a Quadro P4000 video card under RedHat Workstation 7.9.
Installation goes smooth until I reboot. The GUI doesn’t display.
I let the installer generate a private/public key pair and save the private key.
Since secure boot is enabled the generated key pairs are not trusted.
I tried using mokutil but it tells me the system doesn’t support secure boot, but it is enabled.
I enabled customized secure boot and started the process to add the generated keys to the UEFI.

I get all the way to the step:

cert-to-efi-sig-list -g $GUID PK.crt PK.esl

the cert-to-efi-sig-list command isn’t available and i can’t proceed any further.

There must be an easier way of installing the graphics drivers?