Driver related perfomance issues using NoMachine deskop sharing

Originally I asked for help in NoMachine forums, but they pointed out that it should be on the driver side.

I have two options for graphics on PC: integrated Intel and RTX 2070. I have no problems with Intel. When I’m using Nvidia working directly with PC (not remoting) everything is fine. But connecting to a physical desktop using NoMachine I have frame lags, typing lags etc. I tried different driver versions, linux distributions, desktop environment, linux kernels all the same. So I’m here after NoMachine developer replied:

unfortunately there is nothing more that can be done in the NoMachine software. After excluding hardware encoding, GPU is not used by NoMachine directly. I have seen other similar cases where the local X server is slow to pull pixels data back from video memory. This is an issue on the video card/drivers side. You may try to use a different version of the drivers, but I can’t say if that will solve the problem.

My setup:

  • Intel i5-3470
  • Nvidia RTX 2070 (proprietary drivers 440.82)
  • Not headless
  • Manjaro linux, tried also Fedora 32
  • 4.19 kernel, tried also 5.4
  • Gnome 3.36 (X session), also tried XFCE

Long standing issue:
Don’t know if this is a variation of this:

Thanks! Indeed I’m facing the same issue as described in your first link. Same problem with VNC. And also the workaround of running something with high frequency of changes fixes the problem.