Driver version 319.17 does not see my internal laptop display any more

Hi, I run Arch Linux x64 on a Dell Precision M6700 laptop. I’ve updated to latest bios (A09), but no luck.

It worked absolutely fine until I updated to 319.17; now X claims it cannot see any connected monitors (specifically my internal laptop panel). Downgrading to 313.30 makes it work fine again.

Attached are two nvidia bug reports; one from the working version (313.30), and one from the non-working version (319.17).

Oh - its an NVIDIA Corporation GK104GLM [Quadro K3000M] in the laptop to save having to find the details in the bug reports

nvidia-bug-report-313.30-working.log.gz (55.4 KB)
nvidia-bug-report-319.17-broken.log.gz (56.2 KB)

Hi - anyone have any ideas… its still happening.

This is an Ivy Bridge laptop (Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor). There is no intel video device present in lspci, just the nvidia K3000M.

Since it worked fine with all prior releases (no bumblebee or anything needed), I’m wondering if the Optimus code in the 319 release is somehow getting confused. Is there any way to disable that stuff completely?