Nvidia Server Setting utility doesn't see laptop screen


I am using driver 346.35 on a 64 bit Linux on my Dell Precision M6800 Laptop. The card is a Quadro K3100M.

When I boot the machine without an external monitor, the laptop display worked fine. But when I go into NVIDIA X Server Settings, and select the X Server Display Configuration option, the layout shows no display, and when I put the pointer in it, it says “*** No Display ***”.

I am having a variety of problems when I attach an external monitor. Then it doesn’t see the laptop monitor either, so I thought this would e a good first problem to solve.

Thank you.

Blake McBride

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (212 KB)

Your laptop monitor is connected to the Intel display device in your system, and is being driven by RandR 1.4’s “source offload” mechanism. nvidia-settings doesn’t currently know how to deal with those. You might have better luck using your desktop environment’s display control panel.

Can I make the Nvidia board handle both monitors and not use the Intel?

It’s unlikely. You can check your system BIOS to see if it has an option to disable Optimus or hybrid graphics. If it doesn’t then it means that the internal panel is physically wired directly to the Intel chip.