XServer doesn't start on 12.04 with Quadro K1100M and connected external display


I’ve been experiencing some problems with my new Dell M3800 laptop, which has a Quadro 1100M as well as the integrated intel graphics. I’m running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (stock, so no different window managers etc than what is run on installation) and installed the 331.49 nvidia driver. (Please let me know if additional info is required, I will supply)

Now, I basically have two problems:

  1. X Server doesn’t start when I have an external display connected (in my case connected with the mini DisplayPort connector through a miniDisplayPort-to-DisplayPort adapter). This occurs both on login and XServer restart. When I do try to login or restart XServer, the screens go blank, some console text appears on my internal LCD, then the LCD goes blank (backlight off) and the same text appears on the external display; that too goes blank, both screens flicker a bit sequentially. After that my login screen is shown. I don’t recall this happening with the ‘stock’ driver after installation of Ubuntu.

  2. nvidia-settings ‘lumps’ the two displays into one, while the display settings do show two displays:

    This is something I really can live with, I would just like to explore these settings to be honest.

I wanted to know if you had solved this problem on Ubuntu (or other Linux distro). I have same problem with Ubuntu 14.10 and nvidia 349 release official driver. I can not use the external monitor and for my work is very important to do.
Please update me if you have good news!


rafanto, Please reproduce this issue and provide log file by running nvidia-bug-report.sh script as root user.