Drivers on Vista for Tesla 1060 and Quadro 5800FX


Does the following hardware has drivers for Vista that supports CUDA?

Tesla 1060
Quadro 5800FX

Also, those hardware contains 4GB memory each. Does it means that I should expect any issues running on Vista 32bit?

All of the above should work fine, however OS limitations will always apply if you’re trying to allocate more memory than the OS can map.

One thing to note is that because of WDDM limitations you cannot allocate more than 256MB of pinned memory per allocation.

What do you mean by “allocate more memory than the OS can map”?

Will I be able to use all the 4G graphics memory?

This is an OS limitation, not a CUDA limitation.

I understand that. My question is, will I be able to use 4G or not considering I am using Vista 32bit?


My guess is not. I vaguely remember that 4G is the limitation for the total amount of memory in the system (host + video) but I can be mistaken.

If I were you, I would not run the risk though, and just install a 64bit OS.

Can anyone confirm or contradict that the total address space of 4GB limit on 32bit OS is host + device memory?

I know that is the case with Windows XP. When I built my current development box a couple years ago, I installed XP 32-bit only to find it only had something like 3.5GB of memory available to the OS, because even though I had 4GB of memory, there was 0.5GB that was not addressable because I installed a 512MB video card.

With Vista, I don’t know if this is still the case since it does a bunch of stuff with virtualizing graphics memory. I didn’t have good luck using XP Pro x64 for CUDA purposes (others have, but I just couldn’t get it working right), but things seem to be working fine with Vista Business x64, so if you really need a large amount of memory, you should probably go with that.