Drivers won't install after restart

I’ve been asking around and apparently no one else has this specific problem with trying to install the Geforce drivers.
My games have all been running pretty poorly lately, and that’s probably because I haven’t been able to update the drivers in a while.

When I open up Geforce experience it shows an update for the drivers. Currently it’s the GeForce gameready driver.
I’ve tried both express and custom installation, but neither seems to affect the outcome.
When I finish installing the updates, it tells me to restart the computer.
But after I restart and check geforce experience again, it shows that the drivers haven’t been installed.
There’s no error message or anything either.

I’m having the same problem. Did you find a fix yet?

Turns out, it’s not a problem with Nvidia or the drivers, it’s a problem with windows.
I just tried installing some windows updates and after restarting the exact same problem happened, so it’s not just limited to the drivers, rather a problem with windows itself.

I haven’t found a solution, unfortunately, but I’m looking into it, now that I’ve identified the real issue here.

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