Geforce Experience Crashing Steam and Games

The most recent update for Geforce experience is cause crashes on multiple games when playing via steam. This seems to be a widespread issue effecting lots of users.

See steam discussion with people who are having the issue and fixing it by removing Geforce Experience

Please could someone find out what is causing the issue and when an update is to be expected for this.

I can verify this, as soon as I uninstalled Geforce Experience all of the random crashes stopped.

Same here!

Yeah same here. I uninstalled Geforce Experience and it stopped the crashes for about 2 or so days and then it started crashing again. So I read that I should downgrade my drivers to 332.21 and every since I did that I have had no crashes. But I miss ShadowPlay, this was earlier in the month and now I am wondering if it is safe to re-install GeForce Experience and upgrade back to 335.23?

My GeForce Experience isn’t causing crashed on games (2.1.5) the only thing that is actually crashing is experience, And it’s annoying, Tried re-installing it and now update core says “failed” everytime i try installing it.
Might be the wrong post, but i’m desperate and i’ll try my luck here.
If i can’t fix it, anyone got other recording software to recommend that is much like Shadowplay?
cos i don’t want fraps because of the filesize.
Anything is appriciated :)

I have this same issue, though only when using the keybind to “save last 5 recorded minutes” etc. Though this isn’t always an issue; And typically only appears after I’ve been playing various games and generally for several hours combined.