Games keep crashing and blue screening

Hey whenever I need to use my gpu to render games or something else. It crashes the software . I’ve tried updating the drivers many different ways . I also recently got my gpu and motherboard updated recently. For a month or two it was working perfectly fine but then the games just started crashing and my pc blue screening me .I’ve already to taken it to a pc repair shop and they wiped my pc fully and I had to reinstall everything and still it was crashing. They said the drivers from my old gpu were colliding with the new one. I have tried installing drivers from my motherboard cd , but still no luck. Someone please help me

Hi @mrjetfury and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Since you were already forwarded from the Discord server, I’ll try to help as much as I can.

Usually with the kind of issue you see we point out the user forums over at our GeForce presence, since there you would be much more likely to find people with similar issues and possible solutions.

Regardless of where you ask for help, the description you are giving does not contain much detail to go on. What you should always share are things like:

  • Your operating system
  • Exact name of the motherboard
  • Exact name of your GPU
  • Exact name of your CPU
  • What Software/Games exactly are crashing?
  • System configuration from NVIDIA Control Panel

After that people will ask for more if needed.

To get you started, what you should check are some common issues:

  • Is the GPU or CPU getting too hot when the system crashes? (Try running e.g. Furmark benchmark and watch temperatures)
  • Are all components (CPU/GPU/RAM) properly put into their respective sockets?
  • Is the GPU in a PCIe x16 Slot?
  • Do you have the latest BIOS for your Motherboard?
  • Do you have a sufficient power supply installed?

Start with that. Beyond these tips I am afraid I cannot help you further, this sounds like a overall bad system setup which can only be fixed hands on. And you might consider bringing the PC back to the repair shop and only taking it back when the software that crashes for you does not crash when they give it back to you.

I hope this helps!

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