177.35 / Gaming / bluescreen

Hi Folks…First post

I have installed the 177.35 drivers to run a Folding@Home application and it runs great. However If I try to Game…it Bluescreens and blames the NVCPL ? and after a restart the “Check for a solution” wizard says “Display driver stopped responding”
Some background.
GA-P35-DQ6 with latest bios
2 x 1gig OCZ Reaper memory ( Passed memtest )
Q6600 @3.2 Water cooled.( temps never over 42 C)
EVGA 8800 GTS 640 mb
Vista Ultimate SP1

When running the F@H GPU application it will run for days with no problems This is with an additional SMP client running on the CPU, All cores 100% for days no problems. But 5 minutes into a game and it will blue screen. This is with those applications stopped. With the GPU OC’d or stock dosen’t matter.

Any Ideas ?



Is it any game? I used to see that problem with my video card but I found out it was because of some of the mods that I downloaded for a game that I was playing.

On my vista system, Mass Effect will play all day on 177.35 w/o problems but NWN II crashes in minutes. Changing to the latest non-CUDA drivers solves the problems. My guess is that NVIDIA doesn’t fully test the beta CUDA drivers with games, we’ll just have to wait until the full release of CUDA 2.0 before we can do both CUDA development and gaming without having to swap drivers :)

Thanks for the replies !!

I just tried a few other games. All Games are unmodded and fully patched
Crysis- crashes in a couple of minutes
F.E.A.R- crashes in about 5 minutes ( sooner if a lot of shooting is going on )
Bioshock - loaded demo and played 2 minutes before crash

Portal- no crash after 15 minutes
HL2- played about 5-10 minutes in a heavy firefight no crash

The specific error on the blue screen was in nvlddmkm.sys

Thanks again guys ! At least it is not just me.


edited to add Bioshock

Just to be contrary, I’ve been running 177.35 on my home machine (8800GT) with no problems in NWN2, Witcher, or TF2.

I’m not a driver guy, so I don’t really know what to tell you except maybe that we were serious when we said that 177.35 was really only intended for CUDA development on non-GTX 2x0 cards.

Is there someplace I should “officially” report bugs or problems ?

Is this forum monitered by anyone who should know of these issues ?


I have a dual GX2 system on a quad core Intel Q9450 with 4 GB (nVidia 790i motherboard), running Vista in 64-bit mode.

Mostly I do CUDA based research, but if I run Crysis with max settings it dies after a few minutes.

I get much better results by reducing the resolution and not running the Very High settings. Then I can run Crysis for up to about 30 minutes. I know it is going to crash when I start to get a slowdown, although sometimes it dies early.

If it was just Crysis I could shrug and get back to work. But I do worry about my CUDA results when I get strange crashes. At least normal Vista usage does not seem to provoke any GPU problems.

If you want, you can try upgrading to 177.79. It supports CUDA 2.0b2 and probably has significantly improved 3D support.

Will the 177.79’s work on Vista ?


yeah, I’m running them on Vista 64 right now.

Thanks for the advice. The 177.79 driver is much more stable for Crysis. My CUDA code stills runs fine, too.

I’ve not seen any crashes in non-SLI mode. However, in quad-SLI mode (I have two GX2’s), the performance is worse than non-SLI mode, where I’m using a single GPU (I think) and it crashes in unpredictable ways after a while.

I think that I’ll just avoid SLI until the next driver round that supports CUDA.

So, if I am a gamer but I also want to fold using the GPU Cuda driver I can use 177.79 for both? Will my game performance suffer?


I just installed the 177.84 driver for Vista 64 and it runs both CUDA and Crysis without noticeable performance problems. Crysis is still a bit flakey after running for about an hour, but whether it is the driver or the game I can’t tell. At least it pops up an error dialog instead of freezing the machine. I’ve not run significant tests with SLI mode, though.