Graphics problems with 174.55 Black desktop screen intermittently

I was wondering if there was another driver higher than the 174.55 that is CUDA enabled.

I have an 8800 GTS 512 MB along with a EVGA 680i LT motherboard. With the 174.55 driver, my screen randomly (it seems) just turns black. I can generally see the mouse icon move around the screen, and if I try to shut down right then it seems to shut down fine. It seems that it is a problem with the display driver.

I have had 174.74 (I think that was the number) and that (graphics driver) has worked fine, but now I need to go back to 174.55 because of CUDA work that I need to do (under the gun!).

Has anybody had similar problems with teh 174.55 driver? Are there any fixes? Possibly a new super beta CUDA and Graphics driver? Or even Cuda with the 174.74 driver?

Thanks very much for any advice offered.

I have the same big problem,

on my nforce 4 rig, the driver higher than 169.25 causes crashes in vista and winxp. This is including the CUDA driver. Only the CUDA-Driver 169.21 ensures a stable system in winxp. I had this crashes with black screen in vista, 1 minute long, after that minute vista recovered the driver.
In XP the behavior is as a hanging picture. The game is paused/hangs up to a minute and then i can play the next hour until the problem occurs next time.

So i am forced to programming CUDA in winxp with an old 169.21 and stucking in CUDA 1.1.

Please if somebody knows the problem, help me, before i driven in insanity. I lost a lot of hours to cover the problem. :/

For me, it was not the driver.

It’s the Tcrit which was reached ingame.

So the GPU wait for a cooldown.

In my case i edited the bios in the past to change the fan-ic. To keep the card cooler.

But i changed, in almost the same matter, i don’t know why, the Tcrit from 100 to 80.

I guess the new driver since 169.25 which caused blackscreens, working more intensive with the gpu’s so the board and the core temps increased a bit and my Tcrit value was reached. Thereon the gpu goes to critical condition and makes a stop until Tcrit is fallen to a unkown delta. I simulated a Tcrit with disconnecting the Fan. With a maxima of 92°C while crunching with Folding@Home GPU 6.12beta6, the system was stable.

Please tell me if i am wrong with this explanation.