Clock setting with 177.xx driver does it work for you?

Ever since using the 177 version drivers (the ones from the CUDA 2.0 betas and the final) lowering (did not try raising) the memory or core frequency (either with nvidia-settings or nvclock) results in the PC hanging with a usually gray screen where the lower part flickers.
The system has two 8800 GTX cards.
Switching back to older drivers (174 and previous) makes it work again, but then I can’t use CUDA 2.0…
Does it work for everyone else? Does someone have the same problems?
EDIT: forgot to mention, this is running Linux (OpenSUSE 10.2).

I get the same results on RHEL 5 with 177.

This problem has been reproduced as bug 461816. It should be fixed in a future display driver release.

I can confirm that it works for me again with the x86_64 177.78 beta driver, thanks I can use all optimization helpers I can find :) .