CUDA failures with 260 series drivers

There’s the bug on ubuntu 10.04 with 260 drivers running PrimeGrid:

I just got GTX 570, so there’s no way I can downgrade to 256 drivers. I installed 260.1929 and the bug is still there.

I wonder if some1 in nvidia linux drivers developers aware of this bug and if so, when it can be fixed.

If PrimeGrid uses blocking sync, we just fixed a bug on Linux that would cause calls to occasionally return unknown error.

2Day I tried Linux x64 260.1929 driver released on December 13, 2010 (the only one available for GTX 570) - it’s gives errors on each WU. Time-wise it’s different - from 4 secs to 3+ minutes.

Which driver should I try? I’m ready to be a beta-tester ;)

There aren’t any drivers with the fix available yet, I think we only fixed it for our internal builds on Friday or something like that. It’ll take a little while for that to percolate out.

sounds great :-) Hope u’ll issue them pretty soon, coz windows makes me crazy…

any news?

sorry for being boring, but month passed and no new drivers been released. If there’s any chance to get fix for this bug?

260.1936 & 270.18 appeared. I’ll try them

both works fine with PrimeGrid, 260.1936 faster though

Thanks :-)

Would anyone know if either of these updates fixes a NV-GLX freeze/halt issue I had with (upgrade or fresh installs) F13 and F14 when trying to install 260.19/CUDA 3.2 from 256.xx/CUDA 3.1? The failed effort and every attempted modification over weeks is well documented in the OS section of the forums so I won’t detail it further here. TIA, V.

I have no idea that issue, sorry bro…

Working fine with PrimeGrid actually doesn’t mean the problem is fixed. I got so tired of telling users to downgrade to 256.53 that I added a work-around so even the buggy drivers will work fine, just a bit slower.

This means the only indication you’d get if the bug was fixed is if your work started running faster. If the 270 drivers are slower, that doesn’t sound good! :sad:

I’ve got GTX570 so I do not have that luxury to downgrade further then 260.1929 though…

I tried kernels through for both drivers (I know that’s sounds weird, but there is difference in performance for combination kernel/driver). For example, for my previous GTX275 the fastest combination was and 190.53

For sure - 270.18 is slower then 260.1936. But that’s OK for now - it’s beta only and the very 1st drivers with xserver 1.10 support. 2-3 releases down the road and it will be just fine :-)

What I’m happy about is that I can get back on linux. Home, sweet home :-)

Game is not over yet, 260.1936 for linux are definitely slower then 266.58 for windows.
on windows it takes 623-624 sec for one WU (work unit) and on linux 660-666 secs and some WUs are 722-723 sec. It’s not application problem…

I wonder if some1 will take care about this issue…