quadro nvs 320m & cuda 2.0b

Today I installed CUDA 2.0 beta. Everything went well and even working. Then I found out that this CUDA doesn’t show images like it should. If I run image denoising example the program loads, but where the noisy image should be there is a black window showing nothing. With previous version of CUDA everything went well. Currently I’m using CUDA on hp laptop with Quadro NVS 320M (256/512 MB) graphic card and new Forceware 174.70 driver (hp posted this driver on webpage) on MS Win XP SP3 32-bit OS. I thought I was driver’s fault, so I installed driver available on a page (174.55) and picture showed, but there was a huge time delay. Moreover other projects like volume renderer don’t work as well.

I don’t know if this is not implemented in beta or this is a bug. Does anyone else have similar problems?

Does anyone have a solution for this strange behavior? :S

Thanks for posting this. You’ve raised a good point about installing a different driver (newer/ older / whatever) than the specific beta 2.0 driver. The beta driver must be used with the beta tools. This is the 174.55 driver. Not anything with a higher or lower number for now.

You mention you tried the 174.70. That one will work fine with CUDA 1.1, but not the beta 2.0, at least for many of the samples, particularly the new ones and some with graphics interop. I saw the same problem you did when I tried this.

So please only use the 174.55 driver with beta 2.0. When 2.0 is fully released, it will be tied to a brand new (higher) driver rev that’s part of our standard display drivers. Then, as with CUDA 1.1, drivers after that will be compatible with CUDA 2.0.

Now why didn’t it work for you when you later installed 174.55? My suggestion is please reinstall 174.55 driver and make sure when you are prompted to overwrite newer files (those installed from 174.70) you click YES each time.

That fixed it for me.

I also notice you’re on XP SP3. you may be the first :yes: I actually haven’t been able to grab that yet so that’s another possibility

Thank you for your reply.

Yes I installed over this newer driver version, but the setup uninstalled this whole package (machine rebooted into 640x480 VGA mode and then continued installing drivers). Setup did ask me if I want to overwrite newer file versions and I did. Everything went well until I run the release of aforementioned project executable image denoising. Image showed up, but the screen flickered and there was a huge time delay. Even mouse cursor hangs for this time delay (about 5 seconds).

Today I extracted this driver version 174.55 and opened up .inf file and this graphic card is not listed between supported models. This is strange, because setup produces error if there is no compatible graphic card. So I thing this could be the problem. What do you think about that?

On the other hand, this package works perfect on desktop computer with 8600GT. Good work guys and keep on going :thumbup: