drivers wont load unless nvidia is primary want to use gtx280 or 9800gtx without a monitor

I am looking at using the onboard video for my monitor and letting the gtx280 alone to run CUDA app’s. On an intel mombo the bios would not enable gma3000 and the PCIe at the same time so only one or the other would show up in the device manager. Vista 64, SP1, 181.20
However, on a tyan “AMD” motherboard the ATI onboard video and the 9800gtx+ both showed up. However, the nvidia driver could not be enabled successfully. I tried booting with and without a monitor connected to the 9800gtx+ but irregardless, if the ATI onboard came up (Vista 64 sp1) then the nvidia drivers indicated a resource problem.

Is this something in Vista or the bios or maybe a problem with the driver, 181.20.

The following shows the yellow BANG on the nvidia device and the “no cuda found”

thanks for looking.

This is expected behavior. Vista will not load multiple display drivers simultaneously.

OK, then another question: Does the display driver need to be “loaded” in order to use the CUDA capability under Vista?


Yes it does.