Drone AutoPilot Shield For Jetson and Raspberry Pi (ArduPilot, Pixhawk, BetaFlight)

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been building an autonomous quadcopter than can fly indoors. Till now I’ve been using using an Arduino(Teensy 4.0) based FC as a low level flight controller and been sending commands from an Xavier NX via Serial to make the drone follow a trajectory.

I’ve been designing a HAT which takes care of all the Low Level Flight Stabilisation and acts based on the input from a companion computer(Jetson, Pi). I’ll be adding support for ArduPilot(GPS based navigation) and BetaFlight(Indoor Flight with a Companion Computer). Currently ArduPilot uses mavlink and mavros for communication. I’ll be directly integrating ROSserial into ArduPilot and Betaflight so that the FC can be directly controlled by sending desired Throttle, Roll, Pitch and Yaw commands.

Modified Flight Software(ArduPilot, Betaflight) and hardware schematics will be made open source


  1. Built in MCU for Flight Software
  2. IMU + MAG - 9DOF orientation
  3. Built it in GPS
  4. BARO - Outdoor Altitude(10cm resolution)
  5. External Lidar - Accurate Indoor Altitude(5mm Resolution)
  6. BEC for powering companion computers
  7. ArduPilot and Betaflight support
  8. Can be used as a Standalone Flight Controller
  9. etc…

More Features like Arduino Support(Stm32duino) Not finalised

How many of you would be Interested in buying such a product ? I’m trying to design something that the community wants. Leave any thoughts or suggestions below. Any Feedback regarding this is appreciated.

If you are interested please fill this form - https://forms.gle/ukZkBkG5Xuiv4d9fA

Feel Free to contact me via email, twitter or discord. Thank You :)
Twitter - @crux_dev
Email - contactcruxdev(@gmail.com)
Discord - Crux#1445