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I have Jetson Xavier NX 16 and JP 5.0.2 and baseboard A205. Because I want to get real 60FPS camera stream I should somehow reduce the image resolution - because 1920x1080x60 is too much but there isn’t any other modes in nvarguscamerasrc.

Has anyone configured dts and knows what parameters are required for IMX477 cameras. I don’t know even if it is possible.

The main problem is that 4 cameras use too much CPU while using detectnet and gstreamer, so I thought maybe I can use lower resolution.

Any good advice?

hello raul.orav,

may I know what’s the expectation. what’s the resolution you’re going to use.
device tree settings it’s actually describe the sensor hardware capability, and the supported mode table is defined in the driver side.

as you can see,
the default IMX477 sensor driver only support these two sensor modes.
for example,

static const struct camera_common_frmfmt imx477_frmfmt[] = {
        {{3840, 2160}, imx477_30_fr, 1, 0, IMX477_MODE_3840x2160_30FPS},
        {{1920, 1080}, imx477_60_fr, 1, 0, IMX477_MODE_1920x1080_60FPS},
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My solution is to use lower framerate and to decrease exposure time

hello raul.orav,

can you enable the camera use-case with argus_camera sample app?
there’s user interface to adjust camera controls, please have a try to lower framerate and to decrease exposure time for confirmation.

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