Dual monitor screen tearing issue

I’m testing ‘tegra_multimedia_api’ sample source in X-Window.

In conventional dual monitors, ‘screen tearing’ does not appear.

However, when one monitor is rotated, ‘screen tearing’ appears on one monitor.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

I installed JetPack 3.3.

Thanks for reporting this.

May I ask what is your way to rotate the monitor?

I used ‘System Settings -> Displays -> Rotation’ once,

and once again I used ‘xrandr --output DSI-0 --rotate left’ in terminal.

Both methods had problems.

Could you share which sample are you using?

I used the 12_camera_v4l2_cuda example of the L4T Multimedia API in ‘https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads’.

I keep searching in google, Even if it is not tegra, there are people who have the same problem.

Could you take a video to me? When the tearing happens, does your preview image cross on both monitors?

Here is tearing img.

The picture quality is not good because it was taken with a mobile phone camera.
But you can see ‘vertical screen tearing’ in red circle.

and I can’t capture cross on both monitors.

But I guarantee that only one monitor is occurring. Everyone feels the same way.

In addition, the ‘tearing’ y position rises upwards.

Thanks. We can reproduce this issue on our side too. Still investigate the root cause.

If you are in hurry for some projects, I would suggest to use sample 08 drm renderer. That one should not have tearing problem

We are still investigating the cause of this tearing in EGL renderer.

I found a solution.

This is the solution.

create or edit ‘/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-monitor.conf’ file.


Section "Device"


        Option "ForceFullCompositionPipeline" "on"




But I can’t guarantee that this solution has definitely been resolved.

and, I don’t know why this problem is solved.

Do you know?

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Have you tried this on your device?

Yes. I tried. and It’s work. Tearing problem is Resolved.

Same problem on jetson nano and had been fixed via this solution!