Rendering Issue for Portrait Monitors


Not sure if the category is correct but we are having an issue with our TX2 and custom board while trying to display 2 4k@60 monitors in portrait mode.
Sometimes when switching screens in our javascript application, while the page is rendering, a rectangle keeps getting rendered around the mouse.
Other times parts of the screen don’t get fully rendered until the mouse hovers over it (with the same rectangle around the mouse).

This only happens in portrait mode with 2 monitors. When in landscape mode, same two 4k@60 monitors, we haven’t run into the issue so it seems like xorg to us.
I found the links below but none of the xorg options seemed to make a difference.

Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures so it might just be a problem we’ll have to work around but, would anyone happen to know if Tegra (or the xorg nvidia driver or X11 for that matter) has any strange limitations for dual portrait displays?

Changing the refresh rate with xrandr to 30hz from 60hz does resolve the issue, so one would think that it’s simply a performance issue. However, 60hz in landscape mode works fine so I can’t help but feel like it’s something else.

Sorry for the long post, but any tips would be appreciated.

You might want to ask this in the jetson’s forums:

Thank you, I’ve created a new issue that references this one in the Jetson’s forums.
Sorry about that.