DUAL QUADRO M6000 24G each one Lightwave3D openGL still lag !!!!

hello i need help.

i did some research about OPENGL Performance and lightwave i just found that preset like : 3D app ex…

but they didnt wqork well with Quadro m6000 24G for each . i have 2 with SLI soo why this lag :?..? lets say NEWTEK the lightwave devloper they made something wrong but with DUAL m6000 24G sli why this lag still i need help as quick as possbile

Lightwave3D is really great 3D program. for me he is best trhen any 3D package out there . lightwave 3D is spilit in 2 program : One called Modeler for modeling and doing morph and Uv mapin ex… and Layout its for Animate and Rendering lighting ex… motion exW. everything … on that field …

my problem is : when im in modeler everything is sweet for exmple i made terrain it has 45mellion poly its very very fast in modeler

but when i sent it to layout i cant even move camera it very very lagyyy soo i change setting in NVIDIA COntrol panel and look at preset: they didnt help too much. pls i need real deal pls also i need explanation if someone can explain it to me thank you. i know lightwave3D 2017 will amazing cause they make really nice wORK ON THIS FIELD soo everything will be amazing fast.

when i go inside nvidia control panel : Gere to parametre 3D :

i have setting globale and settings program :

when i click on settings program and choose lightwave modeler its wrote " CST microwave studio excutable"

and when i choose layout it wrote : Trimble SketchUP (layout.exe) " layout.exe its lightwave but in animate and lighting and rendering programe not modeler . modeler.exe it for modeling and doing morph ex… thank you very much for you help and support NVIDIA . cheers.