DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR - GPU Passthrough with A2000/A4000 on Windows 10/11/Server 2022

Hi Team

I have tried everything from fresh install to different motherboard, but i am just not able to understand why Windows 11 hits video_dxgkrnl_fatal_error happening with FULL GPU passthrough exactly after 11 mins of Boot.

Issue: Windows 11 BSOD every 11 min or in reboot/shutdown

GPU - RTX A2000 12GB & RTX A4000 16GB
Global C state is off, No issues with Memory or SSD, Proper cooling and fitted GPU
SRIOV Enabled
KVM on RHEL or Proxmox 8.4 in both the issue is common
latest 551 Driver (WHQL), i tried even old like 546 and 527 but still same

Things i have tried:

  1. Fresh DDU based install of GPU driver with Fast boot off and MSI Interrupt High and Hardware GPU Scheduling OFF
  2. CPU pin with Proper NUMA/Socket
  3. Windows Server 2022/10 Pro
  4. Disable all task schedulers and jobs (even fresh install with only NVIDIA driver + GPU-Z will crash if i launch the GPU-Z as soon as boot)
  5. Proper shutdown instead of hard stop for VM.

What works (one way):

  1. Setting cpu to qemu/kvm (No CRASH and GPU works fine but CPU perf gone)
  2. Boot Windows and wait 11 mins and do nothing, and then after start any gpu application like GPU-Z or any benchmark etc and no crash

Please help me