Dynamic Change of Auto White Balance Mode


I’m trying to change AutoWhiteBalance Mode by calling API setAWBMode of a NvArgusCamera but I’m able to see changes during init when I’m trying to dynamically change the awbMode then at that time I’m getting illegal opcode message

inside a callback function I’m calling this setAWBMOde

void NvArgusCameraHelper::toggleAutoWhiteBalance()

    // Argus::UniqueObj<Argus::Request> request(iCaptureSession->createRequest());

    // Argus::IRequest *iRequest = Argus::interface_cast<Argus::IRequest>(request);

    // iAutoControlSettings = Argus::interface_cast<Argus::IAutoControlSettings>(iRequest->getAutoControlSettings());

    // iAutoControlSettings->setAwbLock(false);


Have reference the argus_camera sample APP, You should be able configure the AWB from the GUI.


Ya , I have gone through that sample but I’m getting opcode error,

Do we need to create new instance of auto control settings (iAutoControlSettings) or we should use one that has already been created

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

I resolved the issue

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