dynamic stream addition/removal with rtmp

we met a problem in out application with dynamic stream addition/removal, here is our pipiline structure:

{…,live_stream_i,…}—>nvstreammux—>pgie–>nvtracker–>nvstreamdemux–> {…,output_stream_i,…}–> etc_i

different from the exmaple deepstream_reference_apps/runtime_source_add_delete at master · NVIDIA-AI-IOT/deepstream_reference_apps · GitHub, besides uridecodebin, there are also dynamic del/add of GSTelements after nvstreamdemux of pipeline in each stream. our problem is:
removal of stream was ok, but after addition of stream, the stream just played for a while(several seconds), then stoped. once removal of a running stream and addition of next stream (played for a while then stoped ), the stoped stream recovered. and the problem only occured in rtmp live source, while rtsp is ok.
could you give me some advices? thanks!

Please share a sample so that we can reproduce the issue.

The sample covers the cases we support and your usecase can be new. We need to reproduce it first and check if we can support it in current release or future release.

Hi 489536658,

Could you share a sample so that we can reproduce the issue?
Or you have clarified the cause and resolved the problem?

i’m sorry for it’s not convenitent for us to share the sample, could you please give me some advices
to debug this question?

Hope other users can share experience to help you out.
We need to reproduce the issue first and then do further check. The request is not to get your full implementation, but a patch on the reference sample. The sample is to demonstrate the function and we are more familiar with it also. Would be great if you can help us reproduce it by applying a simple patch to the sample. But if it is not good, we have enthusiastic forum users. They may have similar experience and can share to you.