E-con Systems’ GMSL2 HDR NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin camera powers Minus Zero’s Autonomous Vehicle – zPod

e-con Systems is delighted to share the heartwarming customer testimonial video from Minus Zero the makers of Autonomous Vehicle zPod. Their generous appreciation goes to our cutting-edge GMSL2 HDR NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin camera - NileCAM21_CUOAGX, which plays a pivotal role in their groundbreaking zPod autonomous vehicle.

zPod seamlessly integrates six NileCAM21_CUOAGX cameras, working in perfect harmony to encompass a full 360-degree field of view of its surrounding`s. This enables zPod to navigate complex environments with ease and safety.

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To learn more about the NileCAM21_CUOAGX cameras and their cutting-edge features, visit our product page: NileCAM21_CUOAGX Cameras.