EAL Initialization failed

hello, i am getting the following message after running the example application. Any ideas ?

ubuntu@dpu-h1:/opt/mellanox/doca/examples/application_recognition/src$ /opt/mellanox/doca/examples/application_recognition/bin/doca_application_recognition -a 0000:03:00.0,class=regex -a auxiliary:mlx5_core.sf.4,sft_en=1 -a auxiliary:mlx5_core.sf.5,sft_en=1 -l 0 - 64 – -c /tmp/ar.cdo -p
EAL: Detected 8 lcore(s)
EAL: Detected 1 NUMA nodes
EAL: Detected shared linkage of DPDK
EAL: Multi-process socket /run/user/1000/dpdk/rte/mp_socket
EAL: Selected IOVA mode ‘VA’
EAL: No available hugepages reported in hugepages-32768kB
EAL: No available hugepages reported in hugepages-64kB
EAL: No available hugepages reported in hugepages-1048576kB
EAL: Probing VFIO support…
EAL: VFIO support initialized
EAL: Couldn’t get fd on hugepage file
EAL: error allocating rte services array
EAL: FATAL: rte_service_init() failed
EAL: rte_service_init() failed
[17:01:18:072165][DOCA][E][ARGP]: EAL initialization failed

Thank you

so the issue was due to permission, adding --log-level=eal,8 allowed me to see the cause.
However, I am running into another issue that /tmp/ar.cdo does not exist. Should I manually create this file ??

so I had to create the ar.cdo file first by running:
doca_dpi_compiler -i /opt/mellanox/doca/examples/application_recognition/bin/ar_suricata_rules_example -o /tmp/ar.cdo -f suricata

then I had to change -l 0-64 to 0-7

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