Eclipse IDE (for C++), for Jetson TK1, some questions

I suppose the best IDE for C++ programming on the Jetson TK1 is Eclipse.

Where can I download it for the Jetson TK 1 ? How does it inter-operate with the GCC/G++ which is already on the Jetson TK 1 ? Is the Eclipse IDE reasonably fast to work on the Jetson TK 1 ?

Does CMAKE generate me a Eclipse project file ? I think so because it supports the target ‘Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles’.

Once you install the Ubuntu (PC) tools, you can use NSight. I use GVFS (over ssh) to map a shared drive on the TK1 back to the PC to edit code. Then have a ssh console where I run make.

So you just use Eclipse for text editing the remote shared drive, meanwhile you have a makefile that you run locally? My question here is why you need an IDE at all? With this approach a sublime text editor would suffice?

Of course you could still do remote debugging/profiling via eclipse-nsight which is a real use-case here.