IDE for remote development opencv, CUDA, kernel modules etc

Hello! What IDE or what combinations and options of instruments I should use for development on host machine for executing and debugging on Jetson TX2. I want to use OpenCV, CUDA, and sometimes write kernel modules and drivers.
Maybe there are some kits? And may I use QT for example?

JetPack can install the nsight edition of eclipse…this is probably what you want. JetPack can flash the Jetson (it is a front end for the driver package plus sample rootfs), or it can install software packages on an Ubuntu 16 host or the Jetson (nsight is one of those packages).

Thank you linuxdev! I try to use Nsight, but I get error “Unable to upload file to remote system Operation failed. Security violation” when run “Hello” application. I have not found any guides for Nsight…

It’s hard to say from just that. Can you use ssh from host to Jetson? Typically file transfers are based on ssh.

If ssh works can you copy any file from host to Jetson via scp?