Nsight Eclipse: Failed to connect sshd on <remote-ip> and how to install Nsight in tx2 board if the Cuda8.0 has installed successfly

I am trying to use Nsight for remote application development (https://devblogs.nvidia.com/parallelforall/remote-application-development-nvidia-nsight-eclipse-edition/).

Host: Ubuntu 16.04
target:TX2 developing board…

some questions:
1.i have install cuda8.0 on Tx2 board. but i can not find the Nsight installed succesfully in Tx2 board. how can i install
the Nsight in Tx2 board.

  1. if i use Nsight for remote compile corss TX2 board. when i set up the target systems in Nsight…it show problem connection “failed to conect SSHD on the (tx2 ip address)”, but i can ping tx2 ip address succefully on host laptop.


Nsight doesn’t support Jetson platform. Only available on x86-based Linux and Mac:

  1. Please check following topic for sshd issue:


thanks,after reinstall Nsight on laptop, i have resolve this problem… now i can compile cuda samples across laptop and Tx2.