Nsight ssh failed when using remote connection to Jetson TX2


I have Ubuntu 16.04 on my my hose and Jetson TX2. I also correctly installed the Jetpack 3.1 for both host and device. The normal terminal based ssh also works.

However, when I follow this tutorials https://devblogs.nvidia.com/cuda-jetson-nvidia-nsight-eclipse-edition/ to run some CUDA program on the device as remote C/C++ application, I got error for the ssh. It always gave me error “org.eclipse.rse.service.clientserver.messages.systemoperationfailedexception”

I found several similar discussion in this forum, but not very helpful (I tried the methods, such as modifying the .ssh/config file, didn’t work).

Would be good if anyone can help to figure it out. Or, is possible, will installing a newer version of Jetpack would be helpful?


Hi, yunlong

What’s the status now ?

I also received private message from you asking about the ssh issue.
So same here, right ?

Which toolkit version are you using ?