develop natively on the Jetson TX1

Dear all,

Forgive me if this question is basic, but I would like to develop directly on the Jetson TX1, through the Jetpack 3.2.

I don’t want do to a cross compilation from the host to target.
Also I think it’s better to do that for developing and debug the software.

Does it exist a procedure to install on the target Jetson TX1 + SSD (250GB), Nsight which support Cuda and OpenCV ?

Thanks for your help and support.



JetPack is only a front end to flash and installing packages (JetPack itself isn’t a development tool and installs only to the PC host as an aid). However, some of the packages which JetPack can install are only for the host side. The “nsight” edition of eclipse is one of those “PC only” packages (I do not think you’ll find anything other than nsight which directly integrates with CUDA and OpenCV to that degree). You can develop natively on the Jetson, but you won’t be able to use nsight.

Lots of people have discussed editors and development environments for Jetsons. One of the editors you can use is “geany” (“sudo apt-get install geany”). With a lot of effort @Honey_Patouceul got “Visual Studio Code” to work. “qtcreator” is fairly painless, but there may be a detail in setting the compiler (a bug to work around). For that, “sudo apt-get install qtcreator”.

Many people mount an SSD or regular hard drive or SD card on “/usr/local/”. This gives lots of room to develop.

Thank you very much for your help and informations.