Edit keyboard shortcut?

While making my Marble contest scene in Create, I use all the time Duplicate.

Crtl + D it is.
How could I edit this shortcut in a way it would be only one keyboard command, like t or something?

It would ease my left hand so much :)


Hi @pekka.varis! Thanks for reaching out. I did not find how to edit the keyboard shortcuts in the documentation, so I alerted the development team to help out. Thanks for your patience!

Hi @pekka.varis! I’ve been informed by the developer team that Keyboard Mapping is on the “To Do List”. It is currently set on the Development Schedule end of December / early January. (Keep in mind that is the development schedule, I do not know when it will be released.)

The dev team did pass along a way to change the keyboard shortcut now:

You can edit create-2021.3.1-rc.3\kit\exts\omni.kit.menu.edit\omni\kit\menu\edit\scripts\edit.py and change the keyboard shortcut

    onclick_fn=lambda: EditMenuExtension.duplicate_prim(False, False),
    hotkey=(carb.input.KEYBOARD_MODIFIER_FLAG_CONTROL, carb.input.KeyboardInput.D),

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you did try it!

Thanks! So is the code above changing the duplicate command to just keyboard a “d” ?


Hey @pekka.varis. Yes, that should be what that code does.

Also, I just got some new information regarding this. We have keyboard mapping functionality available, however it works for “Kit Legacy”, not “Kit Next”. The development team is working on pushing this through asap.

Funny thing, I cannot find that edit.py for Create:

I only find it for machinima…


Hello @pekka.varis! I just wanted to inform you that our development team has just finished adding the ability to Edit Keyboard Shortcuts. It should be available very soon!

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