Editor with code completion

I’m looking for a good editor with code completion, possibly for KDE but GNOME apps are also fine.

Here’s my experience:

    Kate: only local text completion

    KDevelop: nice and customizable completion, but doesn’t work with .cu files; one has to edit a .cpp file and than use a symlink file.cu -> file.cpp so that nvcc doesn’t complain

    Geany: completion is only for some libraries (i.e. local files, stdlib, gtk in old versions)

    Anjuta: doesn’t work with .cu files

    vim: seems nice but I’ll learn it in the future, in these weeks I need a low-leraning-curve tool :)


I wouldn’t use a huge IDE like netbeans, if possibile…

Anybody tried a KDevelop version > 3.5.3?

I’d like to refresh topic.
I’m new in CUDA and I’m using Kate. I’ve read http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=93459 but I’m interesting in syntax highlighting and code completion for CUDA 4.0.

I finally found geany very comfortable. Here is the definition for CUDA C; I generate the tags for automcompletion with

geany -P -g my-geany-cuda.c.tags /usr/local/cuda/include/*.h

I know this is more of a geany-related question, but how do you add the filetype for CUDA?

I’ve tried adding the following to “filetype_extensions.conf”:



… then creating a file “filetypes.cuda.conf” (with your syntax code) in my personal filedefs directory. This doesn’t make Geany recognize the new filetype however?

I’m currently using Geany under Windows, but that shouldn’t make any difference I think.

EDIT: on Ubuntu, the above steps don’t seem to work either.

EDIT2: I got it to work. It seems that you need correct capitalisation of the syntax-filename. So “filetypes.CUDA.conf” in stead of “filetypes.cuda.conf”.