Embedded NVMe SSD on TX2NX

i looking for a way to use an embedded NVMe SSD PCIe like: PM971 from Samsung with the Jetson TX2NX. In the pinmux excel sheet is the line 248 and 249 (UFS0_REF_CLK, UFS0_RST). Does the TX2NX support it? It is needed, how i can use it? Is for this application any design guide available? It is only needed as a storage extension not for the OS.

Host Interface: PCIe Gen3 x2 or x4 (depend on model)
PCIe Protocol: NVMe 1.3

Please give me advice about the best practice to hock it up. eMMC is not my preferred way.

Please refer to the TX2 NX design guide on the download center. Only those mentioned by the document is supported.

Thank you for the unhelpful answer! Documents are known.

Back to the topic: The TX2 NX is new module with only Gen 1 & 2, Xavier NX is up to Gen 3 and AGX is up to Gen 4.
Please clarify the options: (UFS0_REF_CLK, UFS0_RST) Support this the Xavier NX and the TX2NX?
What about the NVMe PCIe support for direct IC integration on carrier boards?

I mean if you don’t see that pin mentioned by the document, then it is not supported.

Also, there is no pin number in the spreadsheet for these 2 pins. This means there is no pin out on the module for these pins.

TX2 NX is based on the TX2 SoC. Thus, it is normal that the PCIe capabilities on it may not be as good as NX, which is Xavier series chip.

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