Is it possible to connect SSD to Xavier NX PCIe1(Ctrl #4)?


PCIe1 Ctrl #4 in Xavier NX is configured for PCIe x1 lane.
Can this port communicate with NVMe SSD as M.2 Key M form factor?
Or is NVMe SSD only supported on PCIe0 Ctrl #5 for Xavier NX?

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please refer to the NX product design guide.

I’ve already checked the design guide!
I wanted to ask if it can be used as Key M as it only lists M.2 Key E as the recommended use, does that mean it is not supported except for the recommended use?

You can make it to whatever you want.

We have tried connecting an NVMe SSD with PCIe1 Ctrl #4 in a Key M configuration, but have problems with it not being recognized properly.
Do you have any information on the results of connecting SSDs to PCIe Ctrl #4?

Please check the guidance here.

PCIe link failure debug process is same on Xavier and Orin.

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