Is there a way to connect mini pcie to NX?

looking how to connect
how to implement it with devkit?
with custom carrier board?

I could be wrong (you should double-check), but that looks like an M.2 key E (I couldn’t see anything in the advertisement specific to being M.2 of any key). The bottom of the dev kit carrier board (where the WiFi is, J10) might work for that if you are ok with removing the WiFi. The other M.2 is key M (J11), and so I doubt J11 would work.

Thank you for your response.
However, they said it is not nvme compatible

No, it's not compatible with nvme sockets

For M.2 the supplied wiring depends on the key. Check out the key E and key M listed in the table here (search for “M.2 module keying and provided interfaces”):

Key E provides PCIe x2, and key M provides PCIe x4 (both provide other things as well). There is probably an adapter available somewhere which converts key E or M to mini-PCIe, but from the product spec I couldn’t tell exactly what connector type it really is.