Enable dummy codec in TX2 NX as slave

Hi all ,

I want to configure dummy codec in TX2 NX as slave(I2S0) .I could enable dummy codec as master in TX2 NX.Is it possible to do the same for slave mode?

I’m checking with internal team, suggestion will be updated once clarified. Thanks

Hi joseneethu75,

You have configured TX2 NX I2S0 as master and able to connect it to dummy codec.
Now you want to configure TX2 NX I2S0 as slave and test?

If above is correct, then TX2 NX I2S0 slave configuration is not possible when it is connected to dummy codec. The reason is, when TX2 NX I2S0 is slave someone else should drive the I2S signals. Dummy codec cannot drive the signals.


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