Enable ssh ProxyJump option with Nsight Compute

I would like to use Nsight Compute remotely through ssh, however I have not figured out a way for the ssh command that Nsight Compute runs to use my .ssh/config options. Concretely, I would like to access a server that is three hops away (ie. behind two proxies). My .ssh/config options file looks something like this for the concrete server I am trying to access:

Host myserver
HostName myserver
ProxyJump proxy1, proxy2

Is there a way to either make Nsight Compute use my .ssh/config, or to provide a ProxyJump?

Nsight Compute does not currently support using the system’s SSH config, but it will be supported in the next major release. In the meantime, you can collect the report using the ncu command line interface directly on the remote machine and copy back the created report.

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Looking forward to it. Please, add the support for .ssh/config for the macos application as well!

Indeed, I am collecting the data locally and downloading the file at the moment.

Thanks a lot for the fast reply!