Nsight compute ssh connection fail

I made public/private key pair and connect remote machine with the following ssh command.

ssh -p 12695 root@ -L 8080:localhost:8080

And I can connect to machine. However, when I connect the machine with Nsight Compute, It will fail.


Would you help me to connect remote machine in Nsight Compute?


Are you trying to remote into a docker container or a baremetal OS ?
It works in my side when remote from Windows to Linux with port 22.

Yes. I was trying to connect remote docker container hosted by Vast.ai. So, I can’t control the port number, because it was already provided if I launch a GPU instance.

Hi, @songjh17809

You can’t remote profile in a docker by this method.
The recommendation for docker is that you use the ncu command line tool to collect and report within the container and then open that report in an ncu-ui instance on the host system.