How to use Nvidia Nsight Systems remote session using SSH

I’m on Windows, and I want to profile with Nvidia Nsight Systems an application that is running on Linux. I was trying for quite some time to make Nsight connect via SSH to my Linux box, but I couldn’t make it work.
Did anyone succeed with that?
I get “Password authentication is not supported” or a variety of other errors. None of them really tell me how to solve it.

My Linux is configured to use SSH keys, but I can try any other configuration if someone knows how to make it work.

Some workarounds I would like to avoid:

  • Working directly on the Linux box (not possible).
  • Collecting data on the Linux box using command line, then analyzing on Windows (inconvenient).
  • Running Nsight Systems on the Linux box, and connecting via remote desktop or X-server (very inconvenient, works poorly).