Connecting to Jetson (TX2) target using SSH public-key authentication

Is it possible to connect to TX2 based target devices using SSH public-key authentication? This option is greyed-out in both Nvidia System Profiler 4.0, and Nsight Systems 2019.3.2.
Is there a work-around, as my TX2 based devices only support connecting via ssh public-key authentication.

Hello, thank you for your interest in Nsight Systems. Unfortunately, this feature is still not implemented yet.

Please note that Nsight Systems is a development tool and not designed to work in security-critical environments, such as with remotely deployed production systems. If in your case allowing password-based SSH authentication on the target Jetson system creates a risk that you can’t tolerate, maybe NSys should not be used in such an environment.

Any idea when pubkey authentication will be supported? I wish to use nsight for cuda profiling and this seems like kind of an important feature.

Edit: so a workaround that works well on x86-64 for me is just to ssh -X in and run nsight that way, but I imagine it won’t work very well outside a local network.

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Can we do port forwarding? What ports does Nvidia Nsight Compute require? Thanks