Using NSight Systems for performance analysis on Jetson TX2

Hi there

I’m trying to do remote (SSH) profiling with NSight Systems on Jetson TX2, by attaching the tool to a process. Once I start the profiling, the session ends up pretty quickly with the warnings from below:

Event requestor failed: Source ID=
Type=ErrorInformation (18)
  OriginalSource (145)=EventRequestor
 Error information:
 InternalError (105)
  ErrorText (100)=The operation was aborted.
  ServiceName (200)=AnalysisService
  MethodName (201)=GetData
Events fetch failed: Source ID=
Type=ErrorInformation (18)
 Error information:
 ProcessEventsError (4005)
  ErrorText (100)=/build/agent/work/20a3cfcd1c25021d/QuadD/Host/Analysis/SymbolAnalyzer/SymbolAnalyzer.cpp(324): Throw in function void QuadDSymbolAnalyzer::SymbolAnalyzer::HandleKernelSymbols(const QuadDTimestamp&, uint64_t, uint64_t, const boost::filesystem::path&, QuadDSymbolAnalyzer::ISymbolResolver::Continuator, QuadDSymbolAnalyzer::StateMap*, const Ptr&)
Dynamic exception type: boost::exception_detail::clone_impl
std::exception::what: GetKernelSymbolsError
[QuadDCommon::tag_error_text*] = /build/agent/work/20a3cfcd1c25021d/QuadD/Host/Analysis/SymbolAnalyzer/SymbolAnalyzer.cpp(324): The operation was aborted.

Any idea on how can I fix these?




Thank you for reporting the issue. Do you use the latest JetPack? Could you please help us know

  • Version of Nsight Systems you use — see Help→About
  • Version of software on your Jetson — run "head -1 /etc/nv_tegra_release" on Jetson

I am new to using the jetson tx2. I am facing problem in installing Nsight systems for profiling the jetson tx2.
My Host machine is Windows 7 with i5 processor.
I have installed the Nsight system using the latest version NVIDIA_Nsight_Systems_Windows_2020.3.1.72.msi and the directories created in the installed path are:

  1. documentation
  2. host-windows-x64
  3. target-linux-x64
  4. target-windows-x64

When I launched the nsight-sys.exe and try to connect to the TX2 through the SSH the error message is :
NVIDIA Nsight Systems
2020.3.1.72-e5b8014 Windows-x64

- nvidia@

[Error] Target is not supported.
This version of Nsight Systems does not support profiling on the selected target.

Missing directory with target binaries:
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight Systems 2020.3.1\target-linux-armv8

So what can be the issue? Is there anything required to install in order to get the directory named target-linux-armv8.

Which version has the support to armv8 ?

Is there going to be a solution to this, I am having the same problem, seems like nsight is not installing all the directories it needs.