Nsight system profile failed in jetson orin platform because gpu not find

hello,i have a problem using nsys cli in jetson orin, my nsys version is 2022.05, nsys can be used, the information is as follow:
Timestamp counter supported: Yes

CPU Profiling Environment Check
Root privilege: enabled
Linux Kernel Paranoid Level = 3
Linux Distribution = Ubuntu
Linux Kernel Version = 5.10.104-rt63-tegra: OK
Linux perf_event_open syscall available: OK
Sampling trigger event available: OK
Intel(c) Last Branch Record support: Not Available
Kernel module: Available
CPU Profiling Environment (process-tree): OK
CPU Profiling Environment (system-wide): OK
But when I profile my process with the following command:
nsys profile --delay=10 --stop-on-exit=false --duration=30 --stats=false --trace=cuda pre_preocess, pre_process is my process ,i got error:

I0213 09:43:41.655072 1247478 main.cpp:49] Exit requested. terminating program…
[1/1] [========================100%] report4.nsys-rep
Importer error status: Importation succeeded with non-fatal errors.
**** Analysis failed with:
Status: TargetProfilingFailed
Props {
Items {
Type: DeviceId
Value: “Local (CLI)”
Error {
Type: RuntimeError
SubError {
Type: ProcessEventsError
Props {
Items {
Type: ErrorText
Value: “/dvs/p4/build/sw/devtools/Agora/Rel/QuadD_Main/QuadD/Host/Analysis/EventHandler/TraceEventHandler.cpp(628): Throw in function void QuadDAnalysis::EventHandler::TraceEventParser::operator()(const QuadDCommon::FlatComm::Cuda::Event&)\nDynamic exception type: boost::wrapexceptQuadDCommon::InternalErrorException\nstd::exception::what: InternalErrorException\n[QuadDCommon::tag_message*] = Unrecognized GPU UUID: e8c6715a-863e-53e1-9bbf-680b6e4a9485\n”

**** Errors occurred while processing the raw events. ****
**** Please see the Diagnostics Summary page after opening the report file in GUI. ****
(1) I want to know how to further judge my problem, am I use the wrong version, or something else?
(2) How to successfully install nsight system on orin?

What is the exact version number for Nsys?

Installation Guide :: Nsight Systems Documentation (the text is general, but the link is to choosing a package) has information about the right package and installation.

In general, I believe you want to install on the host and remote into the Orin.