Unable to profile application in docker container on Jetson Xavier


I am trying to profile an application in docker container on a remote jetson xavier target with jetpack 4.4 DP using nvidia nsight systems on linux host machine.
I have nvidia nsight systems 2020.2 according to https://docs.nvidia.com/nsight-systems/getting-started/index.html section 3.2 (Installing GUI on the host system) on my linux host.
I am able to connect to the target jetson xavier from the GUI of nsight systems on the linux host. In the GUI, I am connected to the remote xavier with a password authenticated ssh connection. I put the following command line argument “docker exec container-id python3 applicaiton.py” in the target application. And when I start profiling, the program starts getting profiled but ends in a few seconds with the following error:

   Event requestor failed: Source ID=
Type=ErrorInformation (18)
  OriginalSource (145)=EventRequestor
 Error information:
 InternalError (105)
  ErrorText (100)=The operation was aborted.
  ServiceName (200)=AnalysisService
  MethodName (201)=GetData

Events fetch failed: Source ID=
Type=ErrorInformation (18)
 Error information:
 ProcessEventsError (4005)
  ErrorText (100)=/build/agent/work/20a3cfcd1c25021d/QuadD/Host/Analysis/SymbolAnalyzer/SymbolAnalyzer.cpp(360): Throw in function void QuadDSymbolAnalyzer::SymbolAnalyzer::HandleKernelSymbols(const QuadDTimestamp&, uint64_t, uint64_t, const boost::filesystem::path&, QuadDSymbolAnalyzer::ISymbolResolver::Continuator, QuadDSymbolAnalyzer::StateMap*, const Ptr&)
Dynamic exception type: boost::exception_detail::clone_impl
std::exception::what: GetKernelSymbolsError
[QuadDCommon::tag_error_text*] = /build/agent/work/20a3cfcd1c25021d/QuadD/Host/Analysis/SymbolAnalyzer/SymbolAnalyzer.cpp(360): The operation was aborted.

Am I missing something here? What should I be doing to get rid of this error?

P.S. cat /proc/quadd/version version number is 1.141 on xavier

Thank you so much.