Cannot profile Jetson Xavier with jetpack 4.4

Hi ,
During lunch Nvprov over my Jetson I got follwing error:

[polar_mgbp.cpp@66][2020-Nov-15 14:15:36.017673] <3> : -if inputFile: /home/nvidia/work/xii/daemon/sigdat/xaver-demo-2002b-ball.dat
Have 28 channels in input file, each having 872 samples.
========= Could not find parameter devid, using DEFAULT value instead = 0.000000 =========
==10024== NVPROF is profiling process 10024, command: /home/nvidia/work/xii/daemon/src/build/polar_mgbp -cfgFile /home/nvidia/work/xii/daemon/cfg/x4.cfg -if /home/nvidia/work/xii/daemon/sigdat/xaver-demo-2002b-ball.dat -dumpImage 0 -log 3 -RECON::useGpu 1 -IF::SKIP 2
==10024== Warning: ERR_NVGPUCTRPERM - The user does not have permission to profile on the target device. See the following link for instructions to enable permissions and get more information:
==10024== Generated result file: /tmp/nvvp_nvidia/launch/0/api_10024.log

I tried to solve the issue by using the link but it looks like a solution for desktop and not embedded systems.

The system:
Jepack 4.4
Nvidia Xavier 16Gb

How can I solve the issue in order to be able to perform profiing over this target?


Yehonatan Spiegel.


CUDA profiling require root privilege.

If you run nvprof on the device, please use $ sudo /usr/local/cuda-10.2/bin/nvprof ...
If you run it remotely, please following below topic to ssh with root account.