Jetson Nano CUDA remote profiling using Visual Profiler & Nsight Systems

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Currently I want to do a CUDA remote profiling for my Jetson Nano running CUDA 10.2 from my Windows 10 with Visual Profiler and Nsight Systems. But, on Visual Profiler give me error “Data collection for 1 analysis stages failed” and in the Nsight Systems says “target is not supported”.

I find there is a similar question in here (Remote profiling Jetson Nano not working from NVIDIA Visiual Profiler). and I confirm that I can do a root SSH to execute nvprof, and also able to execute global variables setting, but no luck.

The another question is, Is there any NVIDIA Nsight Systems to do a remote profiling Jetson Nano ?

Because I see in the Nsight Systems download page for Jetson platform only support target hardware Jetson AGX Xavier, Jetson TX2, Jetson TX1 (NVIDIA Nsight Systems | NVIDIA Developer).

Yes, Nsight Systems supports Nano. However Nsight Systems for Jetson platforms does not ship in the CUDA toolkit. That is the x86/PowerPC/Server Based ARM system package. You will want to get Nsight Systems from the Jetpack.

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So that’s means I can’t use my Nsight Systems installed via CUDA toolkit in Windows 10 to do a remote profiling in Jetson Nano, since Jetson Platform only support remote profiling from Nsight Systems installed via Jetpack in host Computer ?

I see on Jetpack download page (Jetpack 4.5 Archive | NVIDIA Developer) that NVIDIA SDK Manager only support Linux based host systems? like Ubuntu?

Is there any way to keep doing remote profiling Jetson Nano in WIndows 10 ?

You absolutely should be able to still profile the Nano from a Windows 10 box.

@Andrey_Trachenko, is there a documentation issue here, or how should they be getting the product?

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Unfortunately, remote profiling on Jetson is only supported from Linux hosts. Latest version is Nsight Systems 2021.2.3, available with JetPack 4.5. At this point there are no plans to support remote profiling from Windows.

If you use CLI profiling on the Jetson itself (the nsys command), you can open the report files on Windows with any newer version of Nsight Systems.

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