Trying to use Nsight Graphics on Windows to connect to Linux box

I have a windows machine that I installed Nvidia Nsight for GPU trace and profiling, etc.

And I want it to connect to a Linux box executing a process that I want to remotely monitor GPU trace, etc.

According to User Guide :: Nsight Graphics Documentation, it looks like I need to install Nsight Graphics on the Linux box to run Nsight Remote Monitor so that I can connect from my windows. (or is this only for windows?) Anyway, I had it installed on the Linux box and tried to spin up Nsight Remote Monitor. But there was no the executable.

Also, this link User Guide :: Nsight Graphics Documentation JUST says “Remote debugging on Linux is supported through SSH connections. Enter your SSH information when establishing the connection to connect to the target machine.”, which I think is quite confusing.

When I clicked on the + button on the right of the “Connection” field, a message box shown below appeared.

The Linux box I’m using has a firewall setting so I have a specific range of ports that are allowed to public. What port does this tool use internally (if it’s fixed)? And what options do I have if that port is not within my allowed range? I can use SSH tunneling if needed though.


Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner and that you ran into this issue. Please be advised that the Remote Monitor is only supported on our Windows version of Nsight Graphics. Moreover, we only support Windows to Windows (via Remote Monitor) or Linux to Linux (via SSH) remote debugging/profiling.