Remote grapics debugging on jetson nano

Hello everyone,

For school where working on a game for the jetson nanos using remote cross platform compilation in OPENGL es 2.0 and it would be nice to use nsight grapics remotly or even on the target machine.

However I’ve been unable to make any progress following the documentation on nsights grapics and trying anything google would throw at me.

So I was wondering if anyone could explain it to me how to either do it remotly (preferable) or getting nsight grapics running on the target machine.

When I run nsight grapics on my windows machine it only shows a connection tab for windows. and on linux I’ve been unable to get the gui running. for linux I went to the nsight grapics dowload page dowloaded the linux .run file ran that followed the instalation steps. But after that no luck in getting the application to run following the documentation I also would like to mention im pretty much a noob in linux so any help would be appriciated as getting this to work would make development much easier.

Thank you for the help!

kind regards,



Nsight series profiler doesn’t support ARM system.
Please run it on an x86 system and profile the app remotely.

To install Nsight graphics, please use sdkmanager to make sure the profiler version is compatible to the device.
Let me know if you still have issue with the Nsight graphics from sdkmanager.