Is there any way to target Xavier using Nsight for Windows?

Is Nsight for Windows and Nsight for Linux similar enough that it’s possible to remote-target a Xavier application from a Windows Nsight install?

If not, is this something that’s under development?

Or, alternatively, is there some way to get the OpenGL debug view in the Eclipse version? I’m not interested in CUDA, I’d like to debug an OpenGL app.


Nsight for Linux and Nsight for Windows are implemented by the different backend.
One is Eclipse-based and the other is Visual Studio-based.

Unfortunately, you need Nsight Eclipse Edition for the remote profiling feature.
Maybe you can set up a virtual Linux environment on Windows as an alternative.


Thanks for the answer!

A virtual Linux on Windows doesn’t seem to be possible to target with the graphics debugger hosted on Windows, either, because it expects to have the windows client/agent .exe running to support remote targeting.

I understand the difference between host environments/IDEs. I was hoping that, because these tools both support debugging over a network, and thus can’t rely on direct bus access to the device, it should be able to share one network protocol.

I guess this is just one of those cases where the same name is used for two totally different products and code bases, most likely because people who don’t actually develop code thought it was a good idea to confuse everybody for whatever reason.

Also, it’s harder to ship graphically rich applications, when one can’t debug shaders and buffers and targets. Just sayin’.
Even the desktop/Windows NSight doesn’t support right-click-a-pixel-and-debug-it, which was my favorite feature from PIX for Windows.
The D3D world seems just … nicer, these days.

Sorry about that, snarky.
Since Jetson is a Linux-based system, there is much more limitation on Nsight Windows for remote access.


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